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Day in the Life of a REALTOR!

Day in the Life of a REALTOR!

Follow me around for a day of work! See what it’s like inside of the often spontaneous and whacky day of a popular REALTOR…

Folks are always asking how much Realtors work…. How many hours do Realtors have to put in?


There are lots of agents that’ll spout crazy hours like 60 per week, but they aren’t selling anything! They’re just staying “busy” with useless tasks. Look, if I wanted to work 40+ hours per week, I’d be in Corporate America. I create processes and systems of automation that allow me to have freedom and that work for me. I’m productive, not busy. There’s a difference…. Learn it and it’ll set you free.



One of my favorite books is The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.  Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

Change your mindset – Change your life.


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