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First Time Buyer Class – PAINT & PLAN

First Time Buyer Class – PAINT & PLAN

Fun and interactive first time home buyer seminar/class. Tacos, Sangria, Painting, and lots of informal fun at a TreeHouse store located in Plano, TX. Awesome event!

It dawned on me that most first time home buyers have no idea where to start the process.  They’ve usually spoken with friends, family, and co-workers and still have tons of questions about the process.

“Why is there so much conflicting information?”

It also occurred to me that the only outlets available from Realtors are usually boring ass classes held in a hotel conference room or town recreation center gymnasium.  These “events” usually consist of some Hawaiian Punch in paper cups as a “refreshment” while wide-eyed future home owners get a lecture about the process.  They leave sleepy and their brain is fried from the overwhelming info.

So I’ve decided to make this fun – an EXPERIENCE  if you will.

You know how everyone is raving about the painting parties where you get drunk?  Well why not paint your future home into existence, take it home with you as a reminder of the day’s events, eat tacos, drink Sangria, and learn all about the process in a setting that actually keeps you engaged?!  It was a hit.  And it’ll be a hit again next quarter and the next until hopefully it becomes the place to be for all hopeful homeowners.

You’re welcome for the tacos and booze.  Now come and buy a house with me!



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